Ted Cruz Humiliates Michelle Obama In Front Of Entire Nation


February 2, 2016 11:11am PST

Before winning the Iowa caucus last night, Ted Cruz spoke out to voters in a successful attempt to publicly humiliate Michelle Obama.

According to American News, Cruz targeted Michelle’s infamous school lunch plan, which required all schools to serve wheat instead of flour as well as many other extreme regulations. He promised that if his wife Heidi becomes first lady, there will be big changes coming to school lunches all over the country.

“When Heidi’s first lady, french fries are coming back to the cafeteria!” he said. “Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of think cardboard belongs in the trays, and not in the meals.”

This was an incredibly smart tactic for Cruz to use, and it payed off in a major way. He realized that Michelle is almost as unpopular as her husband is, and promising to destroy her school lunch plan definitely endeared him to voters in a big way.

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