Photos Of Obama Girls In Bikinis Leak – White House Panics


January 13, 2016 4:56pm PST

The White House has had their hands full this past year with Malia Obama after a series of controversial photos of her leaked. She is DEFINITELY giving her parents a run for their money!

Sasha and Malia Obama have grown from little girls into young women during their father’s presidency, and the whole world has taken notice of it.

Though the Obamas have done everything they can to keep their daughters out of the spotlight, photos have started to leak of Malia in particular that show she is no child anymore. Here are some of the top photos of the all grown up Malia that have her father panicking.






We may hate her dad, but we wish Malia the best of luck next year at college!

We’re glad to see Malia giving her parents a hard time. Keep it up, girl!


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