Michelle Obama Makes INSANE Demand Of Americans


December 14, 2015 11:22am PST

Michelle Obama is back to doing what she loves this week: telling Americans how to live their lives.

While speaking to Cosmopolitan from Qatar, Michelle used the noble cause of female education as an excuse to instead boss around Americans and talk about how our “flawed” culture needs to change.

“While we need to invest in resources like bathrooms and school fees and uniforms and safe transportation,” she said, “we also need to work on cultural norms that devalue girls, that only value them for their bodies and not for their minds. That takes a lot of work.”

The ways that Michelle wants our “culture” to change are DEFINITELY not noble at all. Don’t let her push for education for women distract you, because that’s exactly what she want. Michelle and her husband are like a plague, and we need to get them out of the White House before they infect our country even more!


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