Obama Caught Flirting With JFK’s Daughter – Michelle Is LIVID


November 24, 2015 2:18pm PST

Michelle Obama was reportedly livid a few months ago when Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg crashed her family’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation and quickly stole all of Barack’s attention.

According to the National Enquirer, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy showed up at Martha’s Vineyard without notice, and Barack immediately began flirting with her.

“He immediately started flirting up a storm, while Michelle could barely keep her temper in check,” a source close to the family revealed. “Even though both their families were there, it was really intense.”


Things only got worse from there…

“At one point later, Barack ‘jokingly’ suggested to Caroline that the two go skinny-dipping!” the source continued. “While they didn’t end up swimming nude, Barack and Caroline did sneak off to talk politics over lunch and swam in the ocean with the rest of the group. Before the day was over, Michelle was seething and furious. After they returned to their rented compound, she lit into Barack and read him the riot act.”

Michelle reportedly did nothing to hide her dislike of Caroline.

“Michelle barely uttered a word to Caroline,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER. “She doesn’t trust her. And the few times she glanced Caroline’s way, she shot her daggers.”


“Michelle wants Barack to send Caroline back to far-off Tokyo – or beyond!” the source concluded.

This is just further evidence that the Obama marriage is in serious trouble. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if they divorce as soon as Barack leaves the White House…


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