John Oliver’s Potty Mouth Ravings Expose The Left’s Failures Regarding Islamic Jihad


November 17, 2015 3:37pm PST

The pop figure getting the most play for his statement about the Paris massacre is John Oliver. When his show was recorded shortly after the massacre, he went on an obscenity laden rant about . . . well, that’s interesting. One can’t say about the massacre itself, because he didn’t mention it. One also can’t say he delivered a rant about the perpetrators because, beyond some potty mouth name calling, he didn’t mention them either. See for yourself, but be prepared for a cascade of F-bombs and other juvenile obscenities:

By Sunday, the French and Lefties all over America were lapping John Oliver’s shtick up, with some 4,000,000 people having watched the video. It’s unclear what inspires them about Oliver’s rant. People are so focused on the profanity that, unless they’re actually intelligent, they miss the part where he utterly fails to state what happened or name what caused the attack or who did it.

“My God, John! What happened?”


“Yeah, but what kind of a**holery?”

“The kind that f**king a**holes do.”

“Oooooo-kay. But at least can you tell me why they did it?”

“Because they’re a**holes?”

“Yeah, but what inspired them.”

“A**holery, because they’re a**holes.”

I can just see Oliver, in 1946, explaining away WWII: “Some f**king a**holes in Germany, for some stupid reason, decided in the late 1930s to conquer the world and, while they were at it, exterminate the world’s Jewish population. And they did this, you know, because they were f**king a**holes committed to a**holery.” You can see how much more powerful that is than Roosevelt’s pathetic excuse for a speech after Pearl Harbor, the one that began with a simple declarative statement that “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

Roosevelt may have been a Progressive, but back in the day the Kool-Aid wasn’t so powerful that he was incapable of naming the enemy and recognizing that an ideological enemy must be utterly defeated. Today’s Lefties, who believe that the Western world is tainted with original sin, know with certainty, and are pleased, that no one will be inspired to fight when told that a**holes committed a**holery.

Take away the insults and one has to ask whether John Oliver really thinks that the French, simply by arming themselves with pastries and puffing on Gauloises, have demonstrated the type of cultural supremacy that will enable them to take down men who hop themselves up on meth to crucify children (sexually assaulting those they don’t crucify), after which they take exquisite sadistic (and almost certainly psycho-sexual) pleasure in beheading people, stabbing them, shooting them at close range, dis-limbing them, and blowing them up. I doubt he does.

As World War II shows, the only way to defeat an imperialist culture in thrall to an utterly barbaric ideology is to bring the fight to them. We don’t crucify them, rape them, behead them, dis-limb them, or otherwise imitate their sadistic excesses. Instead, we kill them in numbers sufficient to make them absolutely certain that their ideology is a complete failure.


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