Tim McGraw Makes Huge Announcement About His Daughter – Country Fans Stunned


November 12, 2015 8:02am PST

Tim McGraw may be one of the most celebrated singers in country music, but his daughter is going in a very different direction with her music career.

According to Taste of Country, McGraw’s 18 year-old daughter Gracie is currently fronting her own all-female alt-rock group called Tingo. McGraw opened up about Gracie’s band while promoting his new album Damn Country Music, and he admitted that her stuff is “pretty out there.”

“Apparently, it’s some sort of Samoan or eastern island, or maybe it’s an Easter Island thing,” McGraw says in the video above, “where somebody goes into your house and every time they visit they take something. And it’s called tingo. I don’t know, it beats me. Kids today.”

Of all the Tingo songs, Gracie seems to perform the best in “Tinted Red.”

Sadly, college has split the band up for now as each member is a freshman at a different school. However, the girls plan to get back together in December for some jamming sessions!


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