When You See What Bank Of America Did To 73,000 Veterans, You’ll Want To Boycott IMMEDIATELY


November 11, 2015 12:51pm PST

I will definitely be closing my account with Bank of America…

According to Q Political, Bank of America recently foreclosed on the homes of 155 service members who were serving overseas. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of the bank targeting veterans…


After hearing what this bank did to the veterans, the Department of Justice ordered them to pay over $36.8 million to the 155 servicemen they foreclosed on. By foreclosing on the veterans, the DOJ informed Bank of America that they had violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which was created “to postpone or suspend certain civil obligations to enable service members to devote full attention to duty and relieve stress on the family members of those deployed servicemembers.”

Unfortunately, Bank of America didn’t learn their lesson after this settlement. Instead, they went on to violate the rights of 73,000 military service members, earning them an additional $30 million in fines.

Clearly, Bank of America has no respect for the men and women who serve this country. Because of this, we will no longer be doing business with them…

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