GRAPHIC: Cartel Savagely Murders Man in Terrifying Video


November 6, 2015 6:31am PST

Disturbing new footage filmed in the crime-ridden area of Mondubim in Fortaleza, Brazil shows members of a cartel brutally murder a young man as he begs for his life.

According to Daily Mail, the victim has been identified as Israel Fidelis de Holanda, who was only 25 years-old. The video was posted online by his killers, and it shows him handcuffed on his knees begging them to spare him.

The killers then tell de Holanda to “lay down,” and one of them kicks him in the shoulder. Realizing what’s about to happen, de Holanda starts crying. He is then shot three times in his body and a fourth time in his head.

As one cartel member shoots de Holanda in the body, another can be heard chastising him for wasting bullets, screaming, “No, in the head! In the head!” The fourth bullet then finishes off the young man.

The two killers have not been identified, and they are still on the loose at this time. Please pray for this young man’s family!


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