You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Secretly Just Did in the Middle East


November 5, 2015 9:50am PST

Michelle Obama is currently on vacation in the Muslim nation of Qatar, and during a recent speech there, she got to do one of her favorite things: complain about America.

According to The Weekly Standard, Michelle spent most of her speech at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha whining about what it was like for her growing up as a girl in America. Never mind the fact that Muslim women in Qatar are oppressed in unspeakable ways on a daily basis, Michelle is mad that some people didn’t like to hear her talk all the time!

Here’s what she had to say:

[B]ack when I was a girl, even though I was bright and curious and I had plenty of opinions of my own, people were often more interested in hearing what my brother had to say. And my parents didn’t have much money; neither of them had a university degree. So when I got to school, I sometimes encountered teachers who assumed that a girl like me wouldn’t be a good student. I was even told that I would never be admitted to a prestigious university, so I shouldn’t even bother to apply.

Like so many girls across the globe, I got the message that I shouldn’t take up too much space in this world. That I should speak softly and rarely. That I should have modest ambitions for my future. That I should do what I was told and not ask too many questions. But I was lucky, because I had parents who believed in me, who had big dreams for me. They told me, don’t ever listen to those who doubt you. They said, just work harder to prove them wrong.

And that’s what I did. I went to school. I worked hard. I got good grades. I got accepted to top universities. I went on to become a lawyer, a city government employee, a hospital executive, and –- the most important job I’ve ever had –- a mother to two beautiful girls.”

Shame on Michelle for betraying America, and for trying to make oppressed women in the Middle East feel sorry for her.

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