What Michelle Obama Is Doing Tomorrow Will Make You SICK


October 27, 2015 2:34pm PST

Throughout her time as first lady, Michelle Obama has made it clear that she cares more about partying with celebrities and royals than she does about helping the American people.

This week, Michelle is ditching her official duties once again to party with a royal, this time Prince Harry of the United Kingdom.

According to BBC, Prince Harry is meeting with the Michelle 2016 Invictus Games at the British ambassador’s Washington DC residence tomorrow along with the promoters of the Games. The Invictus Games are an International Paralympic-style event meant for injured and sick service personnel.

Little does Prince Harry know that Michelle has absolutely no respect for our military. However, as soon as she heard that the attractive and classy Prince Harry would be promoting this event, Michelle immediately hopped n the bandwagon!

This proves once again that Michelle Obama has no shame. How dare she use a military charitable event to live out her sickening royal fantasies!


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