Texas Sticks It To Illegal ‘Anchor Babies’ In An Epic Way


October 19, 2015 11:20am PST

Texas just gave illegal immigrants a devastating dose of reality on Friday that is sure to leave them in panic mode.

According to Conservative Tribune, a Texas judge has ruled that officials could continue to refuse certain forms of identification for the issuance of birth certificates. This comes as a major victory for the movement to deny birth certificates to illegal immigrants.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman told the court that though immigrant families raised “grave concerns,” it wasn’t enough to force Texas’ Department of State Health Services to issue the documents.

“A birth certificate is a vital and important document,” Pitman ruled. “As such, Texas has a clear interest in protecting access to that document.”

This case specifically dealt with the Mexican government’s issuance of an identification card known as “matriculate consulares,” which they issue in their consulates in the U.S. This card has been used as an identification document for Mexican immigrants living in this country illegally, and it was accepted as a form of ID in Texas until 2013.

With this ruling, Pitman stated that Texas has not “focused on or excluded” anyone in rejecting these documents.

Illegals have whined that not issuing birth certificates has denied anchor babies their constitutional rights to schooling and citizenship. Texas, however, is sick and tired if immigrants using their babies to keep themselves in our country.

Pitman called the illegals’ arguments, “heartfelt, compelling and persuasive,” but he added that they were “not enough without substantiating evidence to carry the burden necessary to grant relief.”

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