Michelle Obama Humiliated After Suffering Massive Failure


October 16, 2015 12:53pm PST

Michelle Obama’s precious school lunch plan has been on it’s last legs for months, and it might not survive this latest blow.

According to Daily Mail, hundreds of students at a Montana high school have returned to the cafeteria after their school relinquished $120,000 of federal funding in order to drop Michelle’s school lunch program.

Business has been booming at Bozeman High School’s cafeteria ever since the school board voted to drop the National School Lunch Program in an attempt to stop students from leaving campus to eat. Students were leaving campus in droves to get fast food when Michelle’s plan was in place, but now most of them have returned to the cafeteria.


We’re off to a good start,” said Bob Burrows, the district’s food service director. “Our traffic is way up – over 1,000 (customers a day) regularly.”

Many parents and teachers alike praised the school board’s decision, saying it was the only way to stop the school from losing money.

“They’re young adults,” said Alison Beckman, the high school’s food service manager. “At this age you’re not going to tell them what to eat. All the new rules and mandates have done is push students off campus to the fast food restaurants.”

Take that, Michelle!


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