Michelle Obama Hits New Low With Disturbing Photos


September 11, 2015 1:53pm PST

Last month, Michelle Obama got some awful news when experts revealed that her precious school lunches can cause cancer. Now, things have gotten even worse for the first lady, as a photo of one of her disgusting lunches went viral this week.

According to Conservative Tribune, the image comes from a school in Lubbock, Texas, and a parent sent the photo to the press after they became concerned about what Michelle is forcing their child to eat.


The image shows three tater tots and a couple of teaspoons of bacon crumbs on a tortilla, and this pathetic mess was passed off as a breakfast burrito.

The photo has been shared by thousands of parents who are becoming increasingly concerned that their children are not getting enough food during their long days at school.

Sorry, Michelle, but your one “accomplishment” as first lady has officially been exposed as a huge fail.

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