BOMBSHELL: New Report Reveals President Obama Could Be GAY


September 4, 2015 4:18pm PST

Since Obama became president, rumors have run rampant that he is a flaming homosexual. While the first family has always denied this, new reports reveal that Barack Obama is indeed a proud gay man.

According to Hillbuzz, insiders have revealed that his entire marriage is a sham while Obama gets to be homosexual and Michelle gets to live the glamorous life. Nobody is really talking about this is an open forum but it seems pretty obvious.


The mainstream media protects the Democrats from information that might damage the party or their reputation. They favor the liberals and don’t allow the democrats to be accused of anything. That’s why evidence of President Obama’s gay love affairs have been swept under the rug.

There are missing years from his history and he is unable to account for his actions or the men that he is clearly sleeping with.


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