Did Michelle Obama Just File for Divorce?


September 4, 2015 2:04am PST

The National Enquirer has reported that Michelle Obama has had enough with her cheating husband and wants to file for divorce immediately.

Michelle first talked about waiting till his term was up but she cannot stand the fighting any longer, or the cheating. She is already talking to her divorce lawyer and could be in for a $100 million divorce.

“That’s how livid she is! Frankly, Michelle’s reached the point where she doesn’t care much about keeping up appearances,” a source close to Michelle said. “She’d have been out of there long ago, if not for the sake of their daughters, Sasha and Malia.”

“Michelle’s been pushed to her wit’s end – and she’s been in secret talks with her divorce lawyer!” the source added.

“Michelle had agreed to wait until Barack’s term was over in January 2017 before she filed,” another source continued. “But their annual trip to Hawaii over the holidays was such a major disaster – marked by constant fighting and arguments over every little thing – that they’ve barely spoken to each other since the new year began.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if she dumps him soon,” the source said. “But her incentive to wait is the fact that he’ll then secure megabuck book deals and speaking fees – which will dramatically increase their fortune upwards of $100 million!”

“But she’s sick of him drooling over beautiful women, and she can’t take any more rumors about him cheating,” the insider concluded.


According to the National Enquirer, Michelle Obama is sick of him “drooling all over beautiful women” such as Beyonce and Gabrielle Union. She has had secret service spying on him to find out he has at least two mystery women.

The plan is to wait till the end of his term, but can she do it?

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