Michelle Obama Gets Some Horrible News


August 25, 2015 1:55pm PST

Michelle Obama is extremely proud of her precious school lunch plan, but it appears that she may be the only person in America who feels that way about it…

According to Free Beacon, participation in the school lunch plan is way down and food waste is up as 80% of school districts have made moves to offset financial losses because of the healthy rules.

“Our waste has increased dramatically,” a district foodservice employee commented on the effects of the standards. “It is shameful the food we throw away. We have the healthiest garbage!”

57.7% of school districts told officials that participation in the program had “somewhat” or “significantly” declined since 2012, when Michelle’s standards went into effect.

“Despite efforts to promote healthier choices, there is clear consensus with regard to the impact of federal nutrition standards for meals and snacks: nearly seven of every 10 respondents say that the standards have been harmful to their program’s financial health since inception of the standards in 2012,” said the Student Nutritional Association (SNA). “Fewer than 3 percent report a benefit to their program’s financial heath from the standards, with the balance reporting either no impact or are unsure.”

Because of Michelle’s rules, school districts have been forced to make massive layoffs and reduce hours for food service employees.

“Given the wide-scale impact of detrimental factors and the prevalence of programs with relatively weak financial health, it is not surprising to see that about eight of every 10 districts have had to take steps to offset financial losses,” the SNA said.

48% of school districts have admitted to significantly reducing hours or laying off many of their employees to make ends meet.

Nice job, Michelle!


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