100 Killed ‘For Being White’ During Cincinnati Race Riots


August 24, 2015 11:41pm PST

African Americans act like they are the only people who are attacked because of their race, but this video reminds us that white people have been victimized as well…

The Race Riots that took place in Cincinnati back in 2001 killed 100 white people. When the police shot a black man in self-defense, the black people went on a complete rampage taking people out of their cars and beating them. There were members of the Black Panther party in uniform and also individuals from the Nation of Islam and they all took to the streets.

Fourteen years later, it is now much easier for a black person to assault a white person than vice versa. The media is quick to victimize any black person they can find, and as a result black-on-white crimes are often swept under the rug. Something NEEDS to change, or we’ll all be in big trouble…


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