Obama-Appointed Judge Moves To Send Sheriff Joe To JAIL


August 14, 2015 11:41am PST

Last month, we reported that Obama had ordered the Department of Justice to observe every raid that his outspoken critic Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his team conducts.

Arpaio has long been a thorn in Obama’s side, stemming back from when he made headlines questioning the president’s birth certificate. This has caused the Obama administration to try to take Arpaio down, and now the president is closer than ever to this goal.

Two years ago, immigration rights group American Civil Liberties Union sued Arpaio over allegations that he was racially profiling hispanic men. Obama-loving U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ruled against Arpaio and ordered that he never use profiling tactics against hispanic individuals again.

Now, Arpaio is set to go before Snow once again and is at risk of being ruled in contempt of court after he acknowledged violations of the court order to stop profiling. According to Conservative Tribune, the final hearings on the contempt charge are due to take place next month, and Arpaio will likely have to just pay a fine and make court-ordered changes to his department.

However, Obama and his minion judge could easily rule that Arpaio should be sent to jail. This would get him off the streets for awhile, and make him less credible in his claims against Obama, many of which are true.

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