Michelle Obama HUMILIATED After Nutritionists Reveal Her ‘Healthy’ Lunches Cause CANCER


August 6, 2015 8:49am PST

Yesterday, we reported that it has been revealed that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity Let’s Move! campaign actually makes people GAIN weight.

Now, the bad news has kept coming for the first lady as nutritionists are claiming that her “healthy” lunches cause cancer.

Daniel Jarvis, a dietitian at Cabell Huntington Hospital Clinical in Huntington, West Virginia, recently inspected the Michelle Obama-approved school lunches that are fed to the children in his area. What he found is shocking.

“I see pepperoni and processed meats that cause cancer,” Jarvis said, according to Conservative Tribune. “It’s like a scheme to make money.”

Jarvis was being asked to comment on some of the “healthier” foods being promoted to schools as being compliant with Michelle’s school lunch regulations. Inexplicably, these “healthy” options include pizza and prepared foods that cause cancer.

“Almost every day we have one line dedicated to pizza, corn dogs and nuggets served two or three times a month at least,” said Dustin Lambert, a parent in a West Virginia school district.

School officials, however, stood by the lunches.

“Students still get pizza and chicken nuggets, but they have whole grain breading,” Cabell County food service director Rhonda McCoy said.

“I know kids like pizza and nuggets and corn dogs,” Jarvis said. “They try to say it’s healthy to make money.”

First Michelle’s school lunches were found to be unhealthy, but now they’re causing cancer?? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to be packing my children’s lunches from now on!

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