Michelle Obama Takes Revenge On School For Defying Her Lunch Plan


July 22, 2015 7:26am PST

Michelle Obama’s ridiculous school lunch plan has been wreaking havoc on schools across America for years now, and many districts are finally taking a stand.

Unfortunately, the schools that are brave enough to defy the first lady are paying a major price for ditching the lunches. After the Bozeman, Montana school district voted discontinue their high school’s participation in the¬†National School Lunch program because of the enormous amount of waste it produced, Michelle came after them in a despicable way.

According to Mad World News, the school decided to leave the program in a 5-3 vote after the school lost around $35,000 last year in waste. Board members predicted that they would lose even more money in coming years as Michelle’s rules become even crazier, so they felt they had no choice but to abandon her program.

Enraged by this, Michelle and her minions are making sure that the Bozeman high school will pay for this in a major way. The school currently receives $117,000 in federal subsidies every year, and they must forfeit all of this in order to leave the plan.

It’s sickening that Michelle is taking away the money they use to educate American children just because they don’t want to follow her stupid lunch rules. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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