Obama Allows Malia To Spend Time With CHILD MOLESTER


July 6, 2015 7:39am PST

It looks like Barack Obama is an even worse father than he is a president…

Last week, 16 year-old Malia Obama was spotted sipping a drink on the set of the x-rated HBO show Girls. A source told the New York Post that Malia also “spent about three hours on location in Brooklyn as the HBO show filmed at the Aurora Ristorante, a hipster haven on Grand Street.”

There was reportedly no parental supervision of Malia during her time on the set, which is especially shocking considering the fact that Girls star Lena Dunham is a child rapist who has confessed to molesting her sister when she was just a little girl.


In her memoir Not That Kind Of Girl, Dunham admitted that she sexually experimented with her younger sister Grace, who now identifies as a lesbian. According to Mad World News, Dunham bragged that she persuaded Grace to sexually experiment with her by doing “anything a sexual predator might do.” She went on to say that she often played with her six year-old sister’s vagina, kissed her, and masturbated in bed next to her.

THIS is the woman that Michelle and Barack are allowing their teenage daughter to be around unsupervised…Making matters worse, Dunham is admittedly a “huge fan” of Malia. She has shown an interest in the first daughter in the past that many have described as creepy.

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Maybe the Obamas should stop telling us how to raise our kids, and instead start looking out for their own daughter…

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