You Won’t Believe How Much Sasha and Malia’s Summer Wardrobe Costs…


June 26, 2015 9:29am PST

Sasha and Malia Obama started off their summer by jetting off to Europe with their mother and grandmother last week. There, they benefitted from Michelle’s ridiculous spending habits, as she spent over a million of US tax dollars on their vacation

Throughout the week, 16 year-old Malia and 14 year-old Sasha were photographed in a series of gorgeous outfits that appeared to be a bit expensive and extravagant for two teenagers. Now, the price tag for some of these outfits have been revealed, and you won’t believe how much we’re paying for them…


According to Hollywood Life, the blue flower pattern skirt that Malia is wearing in the June 15 photo above costs a whopping $264. In addition, the “simple” white skirt that Sasha wore on June 17 costs $84.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 11.20.02 AM

Clearly, Michelle Obama is not holding back when it comes to her daughters’ wardrobes. Most teenagers are satisfied with a T-shirt and jeans, but not these girls. In Michelle’s mind, she might as well dress her girls in expensive outfits since she has an unlimited amount of tax dollars to spend on them!

If this is how much we spend to dress Sasha and Malia every day, that means taxpayers are spending over $127,000 on their wardrobe every year. This would mean that over the course of their father’s presidency, we have spent $762, 140 on buying Sasha and Malia clothes.

By the time Barack Obama leaves office, we would have spent over a million dollars on his daughters’ wardrobe.

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