When He Noticed His Stuff Was Going Missing, He Set Up A Hidden Camera – He Didn’t Expect To See This


May 25, 2015 7:47am PST

Residents of San Mateo, California recently had quite a mystery on their hands when many of them noticed that their valuables were going missing. Wanting to catch the burglar, they set up a hidden camera, and what they found left them stunned.

Camera footage proved that there was indeed a burglar, but it wasn’t a human: instead, it was a cat!

The footage shows the cat visiting multiple homes in the middle of the night and stealing things from each one. He appears to enjoy stealing small items, and instead of burying them, he typically brings them back to their owners.


The cat is named Dusty, but has since been nicknamed “Klepto Kitty” by the San Mateo community. Before he was caught, Dusty’s owners noticed that he often brought random items home. However, they never questioned where they came from and instead set up a collection.

This collection now consists of over 600 items, courtesy of their unsuspecting neighbors.


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