Bombshell New Information Leaks About Michelle Obama’s Grandfather


May 13, 2015 1:10pm PST

It’s a proven fact that most Americans have turned on Barack Obama, even those in his native city of Chicago. This week, when the Obamas announced that the Obama Presidential Library would be built in the South Side of Chicago, they were clearly desperate to garner favor among the people.

In order to get some love from Chicago, Michelle Obama shamelessly used the legacy of her grandfather, Purnell “Southside” Shields.

“My grandfather, one of my grandfathers, you know what we called him?” Michelle Obama said in the video announcement to her husband, who was sitting beside her.

“Southside,” the president replied, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“We called him Southside,” Michelle Obama confirmed as she laughed.

Apparently, Michelle’s grandfather was something of a legend in the neighborhood of South Side. A jazz-lover who loved to host large barbecues, Shields was a staple in his community.

“He was the kind of man who drew people to him,” said Slevin, an associate professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

“That was Southside — by profession a carpenter and handyman, but by calling a chef, drummer and jazz aficionado, an impresario and all-around magnet who made everyone in the family gravitate to his side. Everyone, that is, except for my mother’s mom, Grandma Rebecca,” Michelle’s brother, Craig Robinson, wrote in his 2010 book A Game of Character.

Shields, who had seven children including Michelle’s mother Marian, was also known for being very angry about the racism that held him back.

“Purnell Shields … was very angry about racism,” Slevin said. “He had been held back by racism. But at the same time, he said to his children that they were not to let that stand in their way.”

Shields died in 1983 of cardiac arrest at the age of 72, long before his granddaughter met Barack Obama.

While Shields sounds like a good, hard-working man, it’s a shame that Michelle is now using him as a prop to further her own career. Just because your grandfather was a proud Chicagoan, it does not mean the people there want you, Michelle!


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