She Makes Millions By Filming Herself Doing THIS – When My Wife Caught Me Watching This She Was Livid


May 12, 2015 7:37am PST

Over the last two years, 21 year-old New Yorker Jen Selter has found international fame for her butt.

Selter has made a career off being a celebrity on Instagram, where she regularly posts workout videos in an attempt to show her 5.6 million followers how they too can achieve her perfect behind.

Though she has millions of fans, Selter also has quite a few haters.

“With every picture I add, if it has a little butt in it, I get ‘fake butt,’ ‘butt implants,’ ‘Photoshop.’ I can go on and on,” she said in a YouTube documentary about her butt.

“It doesn’t offend me. I know my butt is real and it’s hard work. You can’t fake fitness,” Selter added. “So I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Selter’s butt has inspired millions of women all over the world, and she often gets fan mail from all parts of the globe. She even has a few celebrity fans, including Rihanna.


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