CNN Anchor Laughs At Conservative Guest – But It Doesn’t End Well For Him


May 6, 2015 9:58am PST

CNN is a “news” network whose liberal bias is infuriating. One of their worst anchors is Don Lemon, a hardcore Democrat who has a strong prejudice against any conservative.

Lemon showed how little class he has once again earlier this year when conservative journalist Emily Miller appeared on his show. During the interview, Miller was laughed at by both Lemon and his liberal guest when she tried to defend Michelle Bachmann, who had just said that some of Obama’s supporters backed him only because he is a minority.

Unfortunately for Lemon, this turned out to be a big mistake for him. After the interview, Miller went public with her outrage, saying that she was “pissed” about the way the anchor treated her.

“He treated you with total disrespect,” Newsmax host Steve Malzberg said of Lemon, according to Mediaite. “You rightly pointed out that a lot of people voted for Obama because he was black.”

“President Obama has said that people have given me a lot of slack because I’m black,” commented Miller, who works for the Washington Times. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“He talked over me,” she added, saying that Lemon is supposed to be unbiased. “He was so rude.”

“Listening back right now, it’s kind of pissing me off,” Miller continued. “He’s not supposed to be an opinion person. I’m not going on one of their prime time shows. This is not Piers Morgan, supposedly.”

Miller then defended her assertion that “white guilt” motivated many to vote for Obama.

“There’s nothing funny about it,” Miller said. “It’s not an outrageous thing to say. I’m not some kind of right-wing nut.”

It looks like Don Lemon messed with the wrong person!


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