Here’s What Michelle and Barack Were Doing As Baltimore Burned To The Ground


April 29, 2015 3:08pm PST

On Tuesday night, the city of Baltimore was besieged by violent riots as much of the city was burned to the ground.

Forty miles away, Barack and Michelle Obama partied like there was no tomorrow at an extravagant state dinner.

The dinner was given in honor of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie, and guests at the event would have never known that the race riots Obama had encouraged were happening so close by.


Obama started the event by taking a shot of the Japanese liquor sake with the prime minister, and it was the first of many drinks of the night for our president.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.05.22 PM

Meanwhile, Michelle danced around in an expensive purple gown designed by Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji.


During the event, Obama bragged that the bond between Japan and the U.S. had never been stronger. He also thanked them for “karate, karaoke, anime and emojis.”

Obama made no mention of the unspeakable violence that was occurring so close to his party. In fact, many of the guests at the event were likely blissfully unaware that much of Tuesday night’s violence had been encouraged by president himself.

Hours before the state dinner, Obama gave a speech in which he blamed the U.S. police for the violent riots in Baltimore. This gave the protesters the motivation they needed to step it up Tuesday night, and the Maryland city paid the price.



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