Michelle Obama Gets Some Devastating News – She’s In Trouble


April 22, 2015 8:07am PST

Arguably Michelle Obama’s main legacy as first lady is her school lunch plan that was intended to promote “healthy eating.” Unfortunately for her, this plan has been a complete failure and school districts are now dropping out of it left and right.

Students across the country can’t stand the grotesque lunches, and studies show that they often end up in the trashcans. According to Conservative Tribune, estimates show that over one million students have stopped buying the lunches altogether.

The lunches are also hurting America’s school districts, who have lost more than $1 billion in food waste and an increase in cost.

This week, a school district in North Carolina is celebrating the return of their famous buttermilk biscuits after they received a waiver from the government allowing them to avoid a regulation that would require them to serve only whole-grain bread that is completely tasteless.

“We’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars every day throwing away perfectly good food,” said Haywood County Schools associate superintendent Bill Nolte. “And what we would like to do is not to be punished if we put the fruit on the line and let the kids pick it up. If they want the banana or the apple or the pear or whatever the fruit is, they can pick it up and eat it.”

Schools all over the country have benefitted from ditching the plan. The Sheridan County School District in Wisconsin saw a 25% jump in lunch sales after they ditched Michelle’s plan. Even though they lost their federal lunch subsidies as a result of defying Michelle Obama, this increase in sales more than makes up for it.

This news comes just weeks after it was revealed that Michelle Obama allows her own daughters to be exempt from her school lunch plan. Because Sasha and Malia go to a ritzy private school, they are given nearly gourmet meals in school that are often not healthy at all. If Michelle Obama doesn’t even force her own children to eat her school lunch meals, why should she be able to force ours?

We can only hope that these developments result in congress repealing Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan program once and for all.


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