Sheriff Who Challenged Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Charged With Contempt of Court


April 22, 2015 7:28am PST

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who earned national fame when he challenged President Obama’s birth certificate, has been charged with contempt of court after he refused to stop his racial profiling immigration patrols.

This week, Arpaio and three of his assistants were called before U.S. District Judge Murray Snow, and they admitted that they had continued to conduct their patrols despite a court order telling them to stop. They added that they feel they are being treated “unfairly.”

Despite this, Judge Snow ruled that these patrols are “racist” and just an excuse for police to target Latinos.

Sheriff Arpaio has made a career out of defying Obama and calling him out in front of the American public. Last year, he threatened to arrest the president himself for forging his birth certificate, adding that he has arrested people for this crime before.

“It’s a felony! I’m locking people up every day for forged documents that are here illegally,” he said referring to Obama’s mysterious birth certificate.

Arpaio has also made a habit out of defying various Obama agendas. While the president has shown that he is very much against our veterans, Arpaio has offered segregated jails for veterans as a gesture of good faith. He believes that this decision will help the men and women who fought for our country get back on their feet after they made some mistakes when they returned home from war.

“They fought for our country,” he said. “The least we can do is help them. When some came back, some had mental problems. We have drug prevention programs, alcoholism.”

While most liberals can’t stand the sheriff, his ideas have earned the support from a few high profile Democrats like Nancy Grace and Pamela Anderson.

We applaud Sheriff Joe for continuing to be outspoken against Obama and his agendas. Keep it up, Sheriff!


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