Is Michelle Obama Planning To Run For Office?


April 15, 2015 5:44pm PST

The Obamas only have two years left in the White House, so many are wondering what the First Lady plans to do next. Though she has categorically denied it, new reports suggest that Michelle Obama may be planning to run for political office after all.

Michelle’s approval ratings now eclipse her husband’s, and if she were to run for office, she could count on the votes of millions of liberals who foolishly believe she can do no wrong.

Hillary Clinton, who announced her plans to run for president a few days ago, started her political career with way less good will towards her than Michelle Obama has. While even liberals are turning on her husband, many of them continue to believe Michelle’s lies and are willing to do whatever she says.

Michelle Obama has denied that she ever wants to run for office, saying it is far too stressful for her. However, Hillary also denied any plans to run for president until this past weekend, so anything can happen.

The various programs Michelle has started during her time as First Lady could be seen as a foundation for a political career. Were she to be elected, she could continue to grow her programs against childhood obesity and her agenda that (kind of) supports military families.

Regardless, we should all brace ourselves for the possibility of Michelle Obama running for office. If this happened, we need to be ready to take her down, because she has the potential to be an even worse president than her husband.

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