Trey Gowdy Destroys Ignorant Obama Official In Just Five Minutes


April 15, 2015 11:37am PST

DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart was trying her best to sweep her agency’s sex party scandal under the rug when she testified before congress, but South Carolina’s Trey Gowdy wasn’t about to let her get away with it.

On Tuesday, a report surfaced that described several DEA agent’s involvement in “sex parties” with prostitutes while they were stationed outside of the U.S. According to Conservative Tribune, these parties dated as far back as 2001.

Even worse, the drug cartels being investigated by the DEA were the ones providing them with prostitutes. In total, ten DEA agents were charged with wrongdoing, but only seven received the light punishment of being suspended for one to ten days.

During a Tuesday hearing, Gowdy unloaded on Leonhart, asking her why the agents weren’t fired.

“What would it take to get fired at the DEA?” Gowdy asked. “The DEA agents I used to work with were worried about using their cars to pick up dry-cleaning.”

“I can’t fire,” Leonhart responded. “I can’t recommend a penalty. There’s a guide that the deciding officials abide by. They have a penalty guide they look at and the penalty guide for this activity is anything from reprimand to removal.”

“What the hell do you get to do?” Gowdy continued. “Honestly, what power do you have? You have to work with agents over whom you can’t discipline?”

And it only gets worse for Leonhart from there.

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