White House Staffer Reveals Bill And Hillary’s “Bloody” Secret – This Is Bad


April 7, 2015 1:58pm PST

Former White House staffers have just come forward with some major revelations that could end Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential hopes for good.

Maids, butlers, and others who worked in the White House reportedly saw Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky ‘cavorting’ around for years before the affair was made public. They also heard Hillary “clock” her husband in the face with a heavy book when she learned of the affair, leaving red bloodstains all over their bed.


These revelations and more can be found in The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, a new book by political journalist Kate Anderson Brower that explores the behind the scenes lives of various first families.

One staffer once walked in on John F. Kennedy swimming naked in the swimming pool. Another walked in on Michelle and Barack Obama dancing together intimately with Michelle clad in sweatpants.

However, it is the Clintons who seemed to have left the biggest impression on their former staff. The couple were infamous in the White House for their intense fights and “shocking staff with their vicious cursing.”


Two butlers once heard Hillary once scream at her husband “goddamn b*****d” before throwing a “heavy object” they believed to be a lamp across the room. When the Lewinsky affair went public in 1998, Hillary forced Bill to sleep on a sofa for months.

“For three or four months,” Brower wrote, “the president slept on a sofa in a private study attached to their bedroom… Most of the women on the residence staff thought he got what he deserved.”

Most of the women on the White House staff thought Bill got what he deserved.


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