What Happened To This Pitbull Brought Me To Tears


April 7, 2015 9:45am PST

Annie Hart, executive director of The Bill Foundation and a lifelong dog-lover, spends her days rescuing abused and neglected animals all over the country. Recently, she rescued Gideon, a pitbull who had clearly been on the streets for quite sometime. What happened next can only be described as touching.

Gideon was found in very bad shape. He had deep lacerations on his neck and was suffering from multiple bacterial and fungal infections. He was trembling in fear when humans rescued him, and Annie admitted that he was one of the most abused dogs she had ever seen.

The Animal Wellness Foundation stepped in to pay Gideon’s medical bills, which soared to over $4,000. Thanks to them and to Annie, Gideon made a full recovery. You won’t believe how well he’s doing today!


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