Bradley Cooper Makes Major Announcement, and It involves Clint Eastwood


March 25, 2015 6:26am PST

In the wake of the success of American Sniper, star Bradley Cooper has made a massive new announcement, and it involves his former director Clint Eastwood.

Cooper, 40, has announced that he will be taking over directing duties of the planned remake of A Star Is Born, a film Eastwood had been set to direct. This will mark Cooper’s directorial debut, but he has been nominated for Oscars three times for his acting performances.


Eastwood, who famously both acts and directs, had been set to direct the remake of the 1937 film with Beyonce Knowles playing the lead. However, when Beyonce became pregnant in 2011, the project was shelved, and Eastwood turned his attentions to directing the film adaptation of The Jersey Boys instead.

After the success of American Sniper, the 84 year-old Eastwood deserves a break, so we’re glad that his good friend Cooper stepped up to the plate and decided to try his hand at directing. We can’t wait to see the movie, even if it does end up starring Beyonce!


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