This State Just Defied Michelle Obama After She Asked Them To Do THIS


March 6, 2015 10:32am PST

Arizona is sick and tired of first lady Michelle Obama trying to tell them how to feed their children, so they decided to take a stand.

Diana Douglas, superintendent of Arizona’s public instruction took a stand against federal mandating of fundraising by telling every school district in the state that they no longer need to abide by the federal mandates.

“I have ordered effective immediately, that the ADE Health and Nutrition Services division grant exemptions for all fundraisers for both traditional public schools and charter public schools,” she said in a statement, according to American Overlook.

“Forcing parents and other supporters of schools to offer federally approved food and snacks at fundraisers is a perfect example of overreach by the government and intrusion into local control,” Douglas added.

If more states join Arizona’s in this act of defiance, the government will have no choice but to abandon the first lady’s “Michelle’s Smart Snacks in School” program, so lets get more schools onboard!


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