Chris Kyle Turned Out To Be Right When He Said This About Radical Muslims


February 5, 2015 3:45pm PST

Even though the film American Sniper has been a massive success, breaking box office records all over the world, liberal critics have still accused both the movie and Chris Kyle himself of racism.

These accusations stem from a comment Kyle made years ago, in which he called radical Muslims he fought in war “savages.” What liberal critics conveniently ignore is that Kyle was not calling all liberals savages: he specifically used the term for radical Muslims.

Years later, Kyle has been proven right in his assertion that radical Muslims are indeed savages. ISIS has spent the last few months beheading hundreds if not thousands of people. Most recently, they committed one of the most savage acts of all time when they burned a Jordanian pilot alive, then distributed video of his death around the world.

And ISIS hasn’t stopped there. They have raped and murdered thousands of women and children, often strapping bombs to kids and detonating them to kill even more people. They’ve looted entire towns and villages, driving whole families into the dessert wilderness where they slowly starve to death.

If that isn’t savage, than I don’t know what is.


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