Michelle Obama Slams Chris Kyle


February 2, 2015 8:39pm PST

First Lady Michelle Obama recently jumped on the liberal bandwagon of those attacking American Sniper Chris Kyle.

Speaking at “Got Your 6,” an event that is supposed to support veterans in the entertainment industry, the First Lady took the opportunity to insult Chris Kyle because he is a man.

According to the Tea Party News Network, Michelle said, “Of course, it’s always a ‘he.’ We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform.”

She reportedly continued, “People generally see veterans in one of two ways: Either the broken, downtrodden vet who is homeless or on drugs or has such severe PTSD that he can’t even function, or the saintly hero who lives with such courage and moral clarity that the only thing the rest of us can do is shower him with awe and amazement. But these two images — one broken, one perfect — they’re just caricatures.”

The First Lady eventually praised American Sniper for its realistic qualities, but made it clear that she disapproves of portraying Kyle’s success simply because he is a man.


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