Saudi Dignitaries Disrespect Michelle Obama As They Refuse To Shake Her Hand


January 28, 2015 1:15pm PST

Yesterday, we reported on the Obamas trip to Saudi Arabia, where Michelle Obama was spotted giving Saudi dignitaries attitude.

Today, video footage shows the dignitaries ignoring Michelle Obama and refusing to shake her hand. This is not only because of her attitude, but also because the first lady refused to wear a veil, which is the custom for women in Saudi Arabia.

According to Daily Mail, pictures of Michelle Obama veilless went viral all over the Muslim world, where citizens felt disrespected by the sassy first lady.


Michelle’s lack of cooperation was likely due to the fact that women have virtually no rights in Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t allowed to drive and can’t even open a bank account without their husband’s traditions.

While we certainly don’t support a country that strips their women of virtually all their rights, it is still Michelle’s job to put on a nice face and represent the U.S. in a proper way. Saudi Arabia is a potentially important ally for us in the eastern world, and it would be a shame if we lost that just because of a whiny first lady.


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