New Claims that ISIS Videos Have Been Faked With Green Screen


January 25, 2015 6:25am PST

The most recent video released by ISIS appears to be a fake. At least, InfoWars is proposing that hypothesis. It seems the theory has been touted by journalists and conspiracy theorists since the first emergence of the terrorist army. The recent video demanding $200million from the Japanese government for the return of Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa is in question. Friday’s deadline for the ransom has passed, the fate of the two men is uncertain.

Everything from the lighting to how shadows are cast to a noiseless wind has led to the conclusion that this video was not filmed outside in the desert. Similar questionable videos related to James Foley and others seem to have been produced to appear outdoors instead of actually outdoors.

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Accusations have been hurled at various U.S. administrations for years related to convenient timing of videos from Al-Qaeda or more recently ISIS. It seems a video always manages to surface near an important election. One could believe that is the intention of the terrorists, to disrupt the political frenzy of the great satan. Others, however, put forth the idea that creating fear among the electorate favors conservative republican candidates and it is a political ploy.

While the evidence clearly seems to indicate these videos are fake, the source of the “fakery” is less obvious. Blaming the U.S. government or intelligence agencies for them may be a stretch. Regardless, this latest attempt to raise money via extortion by ISIS may actually be a good sign for the good guys. If they are faking videos, they may not be as free to roam about as they would have folks believe. Also, these videos are important propaganda for recruiting. Each release could indicate a shortage of ISIS warriors.

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The details related to these videos and their apparent meanings are still a mystery. What is certain, however, is that ISIS is a terrorist organization that needs to be dealt with swiftly. Perhaps the U.S. can lead from the front on this one and let the rest of the world follow. That’s how we used to do it. High time someone did it again.

Written by Holly Rennels



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