FBI Reveals Nobody Was Killed At Sandy Hook


January 11, 2015 1:03pm PST

A shocking new report from the FBI explicitly states that no one was killed during the Sandy Hook “massacre” in 2012.

The report shows the data of all the murders in each Connecticut town in 2012, and it shockingly states that there were no victims of homicide in Newtown that year.


This is especially odd, as the same data for the town of Aurora, Colorado, where the movie theater massacre took place that year, says that 29 people were victims of homicide. This number includes the number of people killed in that shooting.


It looks like the FBI just slipped up and revealed that the Sandy Hook massacre was actually an elaborate hoax in which nobody was killed. If what the government has said about the shooting was true, there should be 26 victims in Newtown in 2012. Instead there are 0…

H/t: Infowars



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