Malia Obama In Trouble After Doing THIS In Front Of The Camera


January 6, 2015 3:38pm PST

Yesterday, the country was shocked when a controversial selfie of Malia Obama surfaced online.

The pictured showed the 16 year-old first daughter wearing a T-shirt advertising Pro Era, a Brooklyn rap group whose violent and explicit lyrics are anything but first family material.


The image was a rare glimpse into the real Malia, who has been kept under wraps by her strict parents during their six years in the White House.

This year, however, Malia has been exhibiting her independence with various high profile incidents. From partying in Hollywood to raging at Lollapalooza, the first daughter has certainly gotten around this year.

Malia’s independent streak has led some to question whether Malia posted her Pro Era selfie herself. Knowing that the picture would humiliate her parents, maybe she posted it to get back at them for keeping her in hiding for so long.

Joey Bada$$, a member of Pro Era, says that the group received the selfie from a mutual friend of theirs and Malia’s. Could Malia have taken it upon herself to leak the picture herself?

Even if Malia was not behind the leak, the picture itself proves that there is a lot about the first daughter that we do not know. I guess it’s not surprising that someone who grew up with Michelle Obama for a mother would turn to violent rap lyrics for comfort…

What do you think is the story behind this selfie? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: CS Monitor


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