You Won’t Believe What Malia Obama Is Planning To Do When She Turns 18…


January 5, 2015 9:12am PST

Like many Americans, Malia Obama is looking forward to 2016. That is the year that she turns 18, and earns freedom from her crazy parents.

While the Obamas have stayed mum on Malia’s future plans, details are starting to leak about where the first daughter would like to attend college.

Malia is reportedly down to two choices as to where she wants to attend school, and both are in the super-liberal California. Her first choice is Stanford, which is one of the top educational institutions in America.

As for her second choice, Malia has chosen the University of California ad Berkeley, which is located in arguably the most liberal city in America.

Business Insider recently named Berkeley the most liberal city in California, saying:

“Business Insider recently created a map that depicts the most liberal and most conservative city in each state. The classification “liberal,” as used by Business Insider, is determined by one’s affinity for the Democratic Party, tolerance for abortion, secular habits, locational preferences for residence, as well as beliefs on climate change, gun policy and government involvement in regard to taxes. By these standards, our city of Berkeley was recently named the most liberal city in California.”

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H/T: Inquisitr


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