More Experts Claim Obama’s Birth Certificate A Forgery


January 3, 2015 7:00pm PST

Even before President Obama was leader of the free world, there were questions about who he was and from whence he came. Is he Barak Hussein Obama, II like his published long form birth certificate indicates or is he Barry Soetero as other documents claim?

birth certificateWhat is wrong with this official long-form birth certificate that is posted on What isn’t? If what “experts” are claiming is even partially true, then the POTUS has a real problem.

Screen-Shot-2013-12-15-at-9.43.56-AMEverything from the fonts in use to the date of filing to the official seal are in question with this version of the document.

second screen shot

Experts claim, in official affidavits, that these errors suggest a complete fabrication. Many state emphatically that the document currently posted as the “official” birth certificate could not possibly be a PDF copy of an actual paper birth certificate.

With all the accusations pertaining to this document and pending lawsuits relative to it, where is the media? Oh, right, the main stream media is dismissing any who would dare question the document as “birthers” and TEA Party nuts from the Right Wing. Even so, isn’t it worth a look?

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Was President Obama adopted by his step father in Indonesia? Was he born in Kenya? It seems with all the resources of the Federal Government, at least Congress would look into these allegations. Some reports indicate as many as 24 states have investigations into this matter. Particularly if the sitting POTUS once accepted grants as a foreign student under a different name, questions about the details are pertinent.

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Proper vetting of this president was never accomplished because it was en vogue to vote a black man into office. Would that it were equally important to vote for an honest and competent one.

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