Michelle Bachman Says Obama Embraces Islamic Jihad


December 29, 2014 4:40am PST

When asked if anything in the last eight years of her public service “surprised” her, Rep. Michelle Bachman (R. Minn.) parsed no words. She begins by stating that Israel, the U.S., and the rest of the world are “imperiled by Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon.” With her position on the House Intelligence Committee the last four years, she has had a “front row seat” for watching this “uptempo of Islamic Jihad across the world.”

She continues that she and the President differ in their opinions of Islam. Jihad, she said, has “everything to do with the tenets of Islam.” Bachman asserts that the goal and motivation of Islam is the destruction of Israel and a caliphate in the United States, “as wild and fantastic as that sounds.”

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What has surprised her? She said watching the POTUS “cut the legs off our Ally Israel and, in fact, embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic Jihad.” Rep. Bachman further stated that “Iran is very clear about their goal” concerning a nuclear weapon: use it against Israel and the USA. Obama, she said, has been trying to arrange “secret meetings” with the ayatollah in Iran. “What has shocked me,” she said is that our President thinks that with his “charm and negotiating skills” he can change the course of a “bad actor” and “terrorist state”.

Bachman recently used her time with the President at the White House Christmas party to discuss a nuclear Iran. Surely Obama was expecting a more jovial, non-threatening conversation at such an occasion, but the Representative from Minnesota decided she needed to avail herself of her moment alone with him to continue the people’s work.

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“Mr. President, if Iran has a nuclear weapon, it will be on your watch.The history of the world will change due to your failure to act.” Taking every opportunity to do whatever she could whenever she could, according to Bachman, has been the hallmark of her career in Congress. Referencing the David and Goliath story from the Bible, she indicates using whatever you have wherever you are to do whatever you can is required of people of faith.

Bachman’s belief that the battle against Islamic Jihad is spiritual is commonly held by Christians and Jews around the globe. Hearing a public figure speak about it so frankly is refreshing. She will be missed as she retires.

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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