How Considerate, Obama Does Not Attend Church To Avoid Distracting Others


December 27, 2014 7:07am PST

While the Obamas certainly spend a lot of time doing a lot of distracting things, attending church isn’t one of them. In fact, only in 2011 did the first family attend Christmas Services. According to the President’s spiritual advisor,(shocked he has one?), Obama worries his presence “detracts from other worshipers’ experience.”

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This man is absolutely amazing in his inability to be truthful and put distractions to bed. Why do so many postulate that he is Muslim? Besides the extensive Islamic apology tour of his first term, he has not made any effort to show that he is religious in any other way, so some assume he has defaulted to the faith of his father.


Most Americans couldn’t care less what his faith is, or if he even has a faith with which he associates. It is the dishonesty and flippancy about the whole matter many find disturbing. Add to that Jeremiah Wright and his absurd liberation theology under which Obama sat for decades, and most people have no clue what this President believes.

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Hasn’t that been the hallmark of his tenure in office, though? Does anyone know what he actually BELIEVES about anything? He tells the American people one thing, does another, and then brags about doing it for we the people. His narcissism is so great that he thinks he knows what everyone wants to hear, so he says it. It seems Obama is blissfully unaware that actions speak louder than words. In a predominantly Christian nation, he has claimed to be a Christian. He has, however, only attended church an average of three, 3, III, Sundays a year since taking office.

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Does he attend private services, you may ask? Nope. Obama has even skipped the national prayer breakfast and other traditional religious meetings attended by his predecessors.

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In recent memory, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter were all regular church attenders who managed not to create a distraction for fellow parishioners. Reagan was often visited by clergy who counseled him privately. It is not that Obama should or should not attend church, it is statements like “we try to get to church as often as possible” by Mrs. Obama that fail to ring true and the hypocrisy that most find irritating. She manages to get to the beach, he to the golf course, and the whole family to vacation more regularly than religious services. Barak and Michelle don’t seem to mind inconveniencing others for date nights almost as often as they attend church. That quite clearly demonstrates the priorities of the Obama family. 2016, hurry up!

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