Liberal Strips Naked, Steals Baby Jesus


December 26, 2014 9:04am PST

A topless feminist just did something truly disgusting at a Nativity display in the Vatican.

The young woman is a part of the feminist group FEMEN, whose protests against the patriarchy and christianity have been gaining attention for months now.

Watch as the topless woman barges into the Christmas display and steals baby Jesus. After the incident was caught on film, FEMEN released the following statement:

“FEMEN sextremist kidnapped a newborn baby in Vatican. FEMEN opens a hunt for the Bethlehem babies under anticlerical campaign “Massacre of the Innocents”. The campaign is dedicated to the criticism of the senturies-old Vatican stance on women’s rights for own body and reproductive function. The maniacal desire to control women’s fertility is a common trait of many religions, National Socialism, nationalism and other antediluvian, anti-humanist ideologies.”

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H/T: The Gateway Pundit


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