Muslims Now Have THIS Recognition in Maryland School District


December 20, 2014 10:02pm PST

December 18, 2014, Fredrick County, Maryland. CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations, announced that the local school district has added official Muslim holidays to their school calendar fro 2015-16. While on the surface this may look like equal treatment in a public school, it is always dangerous when a public entity bows to pressure by radical activists.

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Though the population of Maryland is reportedly 1.4% Muslim, the pressure brought to bear by CAIR appears to be laser focused on this school district for a greater purpose. What will they demand next? Menu adjustments? Prayer rooms?


It is a slippery slope when the “equality” of one group actually begins to infringe on the rights of others. What is particularly dangerous and disconcerting is that CAIR, which has ties to terrorist organizations, is being so aggressive. Now that they have succeeded, more demands are sure to come of this school district and of others.

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Much like when the first petitions to remove prayer from public schools were limited to individual districts, a federal case was eventually undertaken to remove all prayer from all schools forever. The full implementation of the prayer ban took years to realize. It would appear CAIR is on a similar mission.

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Islam seems to be the only religion not under attack by the left. One could presume it is because Islam is opposed to a competitive capitalist society, much like liberals. What is unclear is why those who misquote the separation of church and state as “freedom from religion” instead of “freedom of religion” only attack Christianity and Judaism–the very faiths many of our founders practiced and upon which our judicial system is based.

The most oppressive religious system to ever exist is radical Islam. The only world religion, at present, that insists on theocracy is Islam. The only countries on earth that still permit the treatment of women as property and less than men are Muslim. Women are exploited, owned, stoned, mutilated, murdered, and forcibly uneducated only in Muslim countries.


Sharia law is beginning to destroy the west after Islamic practitioners insist on enforcing it in “inclusive” communities. At least with the radical arm of this religion, inclusion is not possible. This “win” for CAIR may be a loss for every non-Muslim child in the American public school system.

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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