President Obama and Family To Spend 17 Days and $4 million in Hawaii


December 20, 2014 5:23pm PST

December 19, Oahu, Hawaii. When was the last time most Americans went to Hawaii for 17 Days? Ummm, never. Most Americans have never been to Hawaii. Those who have typically visit for 4-6 days on average with the occasional two week island hopping adventure thrown in for honeymooners and the wealthy. When they do go, they typically pay their own way. Obama has yet to find a way to force taxpayers to subsidize vacations for anyone other than himself.

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The first family flew out of Maryland December 19 and will return to the White House January 4th. They have taken Christmas vacation in Hawaii on six prior occasions. While the Obamas do pay for their personal accommodations during the trip, to the tune of $56,000, the flight, security, and accommodations for Secret Service staff, etc. cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million.

What can you get for $56,000? In 2013, the average American household income was just under $52,000. So, what Michelle and Barak are spending on a rental house in a ritzy Oahu neighborhood for 17 days could literally support an entire family for a year. Merry Christmas. An Audi SQ5 starts around $54,000. Happy Hanukkah. At the current price of $1194/ounce, you could buy nearly 47 ounces of pure gold for the cost of just the family’s sleeping quarters.

Does one dare even ask what can be done for $4 million? Lavish vacations are for the rich and famous, or those who save years for a once in a lifetime trip. Other presidents have been both rich and famous prior to taking office, yet not even the Kennedy family vacationed at this level on the back of the American tax payer.

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Seven trips multiplied by $4 million is $28 million dollars U.S. citizens have spent to send our President and family on vacation during what Obama claims is the worst economy since the great depression. What would the tab have been if the economy were good? Trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Europe are not included in this figure, nor are the weekly games of golf enjoyed at prestigious courses. 2016 cannot come soon enough. Perhaps it is time to pass a Constitutional amendment to limit such expenditures in the future.

H/T: Daily Mail


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