Proof Michelle Obama Lied About Being a Victim of Racism


December 18, 2014 1:52pm PST

Michelle Obama made waves with her story of being asked to remove something from a shelf at Target in 2011, insinuating that the woman who requested her help was racist for doing so. The First Lady was already in hot water for giving differing accounts of what happened that day during two separate media interviews, seemingly adjusting her story to fit the narrative of the moment. Now, her version of events has been completely blown out of the water by the only witness to what actually occurred.

A listener called into Glenn Beck’s radio program Thursday, claiming to be the sister of the woman who had asked for Michelle’s help in Target. The woman, identified only as “Donna,” was outraged that her sister was being labeled as a racist by Michelle Obama, according to The Blaze. Apparently, Donna’s sister voted for Obama not once, but twice.

“The funny thing is, my sister didn’t even know it was Michelle Obama until she was laying in the bed with her husband watching David Letterman and heard Michelle Obama tell the story. And she looked at her husband and said, ‘That was me!’” recounted Donna. “Michelle Obama told it accurately the first time, but she is twisting it now to make my sister out to be a racist. Now, her name isn’t out there. But I just got furious on my sister’s behalf. I can — we have political differences, big time, but my sister is not a racist.”

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Donna admitted that her sister is a “huge Obama fan,” but that may have changed by now, considering his wife is dragging her through the mud in order to promote racism. Additionally, the woman’s husband works for MSNBC, and his colleagues were well aware of his wife’s run-in with the First Lady, therefore, they would be able to verify her story.

However, even though the folks over at MSNBC know that Michelle lied in her most recent interview on the notorious Target incident, they have said nothing. “It’s your wife,” Beck said. “Don’t you have a little righteous indignation and say, ‘Guys, correct this story because this is about my wife. I know nobody knows this is about my wife. This is important. … This hurts my wife. We’re supporters. We have no axe to grind. This story needs to be corrected.’”

“And if they don’t, why wouldn’t you walk?” Beck added. “Do you have no credibility? Do you have no honor and integrity? Is there not a chivalrous bone in your body for your wife? How do you continue to work there?” Donna said she just wanted to “set the record straight,” and it’s a good thing she did, as she admitted there wasn’t much of a chance that her left-leaning sister would go on record with Glenn Beck or The Blaze.

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