Calls For More Muslims To Condemn Radicals From Former Extremist


December 16, 2014 5:57pm PST

When former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz was interviewed about recent events in Sydney, Australia, Anderson Cooper asked  about the accuracy of the term “lone wolf” as it relates to terrorists of this nature. Nawaz said a better term might be “self starter.”  “Lone wolves are not in touch with others” he indicated, but a self starter is in touch with a source of radicalization. The hostage taker in question even had a vast social media presence where he stated his ideology. This shooter’s attorney called him a damaged individual who is not indicative of other potential threats. Nawaz disagrees.

Both Anderson Cooper and his Muslim guest agree that calling “self starters” “one offs” as if they are not indicative of a greater phenomenon is dangerous. Extremist ideology seems to inspire self-starters who use the philosophy as an excuse to act on their own fantasies of Jihad.

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Referencing a recent speech in which President Obama said he wants to destroy ISIL, Nawaz says he believes this ideology will metastasize even if leaders are killed as with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Our worst nightmares emerged in ISIL even after the death of Bin Laden.

Nawaz calls for Muslims to do more than say they disagree with beheadings. He referenced a show of support via a twitter page recently in Australia where a hashtag campaign showed solidarity between Muslims and non-Muslims related to public transportation. Nawaz called for Muslims to actually speak out against all of Jihad by doing  things like starting  hashtags on twitter that fully disavow the radicals hijacking their faith.

ISIL  has called for all Islamists to kill folks all over the world. He fears we have actually added to the dangers we already face because of our reaction to this event. Protests erupted in the street earlier this year in reaction to raids conducted by Australian authorities on Muslims. Practitioners of Islam said the police were heavy handed and over reacted to the intelligence reports anticipating Jihad attacks.

After Monday’s events, most would disagree.

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